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Thinking through History with Animals

Latin American Environmental History

Global Environmental History: How do we live in the Anthropocene? 

  • History & Environmental Studies 465

  • Spring 2019 Syllabus

  • Students in this class created the Anthropocene in Objects website, a collection object-based essays that explain what is at stake in the diagnosis of a new human-centered geological epoch.

Graduate Seminars

CHE Methods Seminar

  • Environmental Studies 922

    • Spring 2020 Syllabus TK

The Politics of Land (co-taught with Gregg Mitman)

  • History 705, Environmental Studies 900, Geography 900

    • Fall 2019 Syllabus TK

Political Ecology: Nature, Culture, and Histories of Power (& Grant Writing)

Space, Nature, History

Graduate Advisees

Alicia Barceinas Cruz

  • Joint PhD in Geography and Environment and Resources

  • Co-advised with Mike Bell

Samantha Newton

  • History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

  • Co-advised with Gregg Mitman

 Juan Camilo Franco

  • History, Latin America